These are the parameters which can be passed to the API:

  • string globalTheme - specifies the global theme to be applied. Possible values: "igx-theme", "igx-dark-theme", "igx-theme", "igx-fluent-theme", "igx-fluent-dark-theme"
  • Colors colors - there are seven colors which can be specified in order to build a custom palette for your custom theme - Primary, Secondary, Surface, Error, Success, Warn, Info
  • string typeface - the name of the font
  • float roundness - global roundness factor for all of the components, the values it takes are from 0 to 1
  • bool elevation - global elevation. When true all relevant elements are elevated, otherwise they are flat.
  • string classScope - Class name in which to wrap the compiled css result.
  • bool legacySupport - Optional. Turns on/off support for IE11. When false allows you to use css variables to style components.

The theming service API is available here

You can also review a request with all of the parameters specified: here